New tank set-up - Drilled for water changes

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New tank set-up - Drilled for water changes

Postby chris118 » Mon Jul 24, 2017 11:32 pm

Hello again
I posted on here a little bit until I got rid of my tank 4 years ago when I moved house. I have finally managed to persuade the Mrs to get another one. :dance:
Not made my mind up entirely yet as to what I'll be keeping, swaying between Mbuna or Frontosa. I will be getting a 5 ft tank.
The tank will be in an upstairs room directly above my garage...What I would like to do is have the tank drilled with a pipe/hose going through the floor of the room, through the garage ceiling and running down the wall with a tap with a hose connection for draining the tank for water changes. I would then attach a hose in the garage and run it outside into a drain. Possibly use the same line, or perhaps a second one to fill back up with water from outside cold water tap. I was thinking that drilling the tank 1/4 of the way up from the bottom would be the best way to go, so that I could just open up the tap and let it go. i.e drain 75% of the water....Has anybody set anything similar to this up and could give me any advice or does anybody see any possible problem with this...Just an idea that I'm toying with...will it work do you think??

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