Which heater and how many for a 350 litre tank?

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Which heater and how many for a 350 litre tank?

Postby connemara_man » Thu Jul 02, 2015 6:50 pm

I am setting up a 350 litre tank which is 77 gallons, for haps/peacocks. As the tank is a good size, I wonder if you would suggest that I possibly need 2 heaters?

One chap who I know said that it would be better to use 2 heaters as the heat would be distributed throughout the large tank, preferably two 300 watt heaters. Maybe that's too much or maybe he is also thinking on the lines that it does not take much power to re-heat after a water change. Anyways, I just wanted to double check and get other opinions on this as I have had some poor advice from friends before.

I have my eye on the Eheim Jager 300 watt heaters (19 inches long mind). Would you recommend this heater or other possibilities that are super reliable.

Many thanks in advance :text-thankyoublue:
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Re: Which heater and how many for a 350 litre tank?

Postby bradderz123 » Thu Jul 02, 2015 10:54 pm

Take the desired water temperature less the average room temperature. The 'difference' can be addressed as below:

75 gal/300 L - heat required 5 to 9 degrees 250 watt, 10 to 18 degrees 300 watt and 15 to 27 degrees two 300 watt.

Only a guide - as to brand it's a matter of personal preference.
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