New Lake Tanganyika Build (800 Litres)

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New Lake Tanganyika Build (800 Litres)

Postby riksworld » Mon Aug 04, 2014 11:54 am

Good Afternoon Fellow Cichlid lovers,

I have recently decided to setup a lake Tanganyika aquarium, having previously kept Lake Malawi, this I would assume it of similar type of build.

The reason for this post to share ideas of what you think is good or bad on the design, what works and what doesn't before the build takes place.

The aquarium is on order and will take around 6 weeks to arrive, the size is 72x24x28 inches, the filtration will be provided by a sump, the reason behind the sump is the ease of maintenance and quickness of cleaning, having kept canister filters, they are not that easy to keep clean.

I will be using RO water due to the lack of trust in my local water company, they cant seem to keep a stable ph or hardness, Nitrates in the water and they have been known to pump rubbish in the pipes, I know this will remove all the minerals from the water etc, so to combat this, I will using Seachem Cichlid Lake Salt with my own rift lake buffer (Epsolm Salt, Bicarb Soda and salt), this should bring back all the required parameters for the tank, such as PH, GH, and KH.

The main return pump to provide the filtration will be provided by a Eheim Compact plus 5000, which should provide a turn over rate of about 6, all the prefilters, such as filter socks, heaters and bio-media will be housed in the own section in the sump, the sump will measure 38x12x18 inches and allow 60 litres for a power failure.

lighting will be provided by using 3 watt Cree led`s, there will be a total of 6 banks, each bank having 12 leds, with a mixture of blue, white and royal blue leds, each section can be switch on or off via a timer.

The system will be completely self sufficient , the aquarium will be computer driven, there will be a auto water change built in to he aquarium, which will pump the water out of the aquarium to the drain, fill a blue barrel and then dose the correct amounts of what is needed, then pump the water from the barrel to the aquarium, at feeding time, the computer will control how much food to feed, if need be, the aquarium can be controlled manual via the Android App, during this water change, the system will keep me updated on the status of the operation via email alerts, if there is a critical problem, it will pause and wait for manual instructions.

The system will keep an eye on Ammonia, Water levels (low and high) and temperature (low or high) and it will do what it needs to maintain the pre-defined settings I will set, such as turning on fans at 26c etc.

In total the total of the aquarium will be close to 6 1/2 feet tall, 6 feet wide and 2 1/2 feet deep.

What are your guys / ladies thoughts on this system as it is important it is correct for the sake of my Tanganyika cichlids.
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