6x2x2 Tank

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6x2x2 Tank

Postby kimmarshall » Tue Jul 09, 2013 2:22 pm

We have just done a deal on a 6x2x2 tank for our 39 inch tank. and all being well should be here Thursday afternoon.
My filter has cycled and was ready for fish (Sorry had to cancel Tony) but the 6ft tank gives up many more options in terms of fish and it was our eventual goal to have a bigger tank so i am almost wetting myself with excitement.

Question 1,
Obviously we need to start the other external filter going, how best is this achieved? Do we have both inlets on one side and both outlets on the other?

Question 2,
We need a wave maker, any particular brand or type that is better for my fish.

Question 3,
What sort of numbers fish wise are we looking at? We are still going for Mbuna because they are stunningly beautiful and if we start venturing off that page its going to mean a whole lot more arguments and plate throwing and we need to save cash for the fish :)

Thank you in advanced :)
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