adding diy wet/dry sump.

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adding diy wet/dry sump.

Postby joepaul » Thu Jul 12, 2012 7:37 pm

hi. i have a cycled 4ft 31g tank with 4 yellow labs,6 cherry barbs and a pleco. it running a fluval u2 but am curtain its not enough. i was wondering, if i get round to building a diy wet/dry sump with overflow once plumbed in how do i go about adding water and completing it? i mean cuz the water in the sump as well as the filters will be new/ uncycled. any help would be very much appreciated. step by step info on the addition to the tank would be great. cheers.
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Re: adding diy wet/dry sump.

Postby ant » Fri Jul 13, 2012 3:02 pm

I wouldnt know where to start on a sump etc.
But i have a 4ft tank and used a 206 and a 406 running together, the downside of running two externals is that you have 2 outlets and 2 inlets.
So decided to buy something bigger and then i found the Eheim 2180 i did a bit of research and found one brand new unused cheap..
After a bitch of a time getting the air out i like it as ive never had an eheim before also a plus is that it heats the water aswell so thetes no need to have an heater.
One downside and that maybe just me is that the pipes are green i dont like that but can live with it...
The bonus is that the 2180 is for tanks between 400l to 1200l so if you upgrade as im doing to bigger tank theres no need for another filter..
Oh and another bonus is that it uses 25w to run....
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