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New tank review

Postby G13SUT » Fri Oct 12, 2012 12:38 pm

Ok so i took the plundge and purchased a 250L tank and cabinet from allpondsolutions.
Order this on a wednesday and was delivered monday. Delivery was free so it was very good service. I had to agree with t&cs which are the usual.

It arrived on a pallet strapped with the tank in it its own box and the cabinet flat packed behind it.
The boxes looked in good condition along with the tank, inside not a mark on it.

After several attempts along with my brother trying to get it into my house wasnt the easist. A few stairs to manouver down.
We finally got it inside.

Unpacked the cabinet.

First impressions on the finish was ok. Its wrapped instead of painted apart from the inside which is plain white. All parts where complete with extra screws.
The instructions where basic but straight forward.
Again the build isnt the best but good for the price. It only comes with one hole for external filter pipes and plugs to go through which is a shame as its always handy to have both compartments with holes.

The tank had a blue wrap on it and peeled straight off, the glass was very clean too. The seals around the tank looked fine a little bit more attention could of been taken but maybe im bein picky.

Once the tank was on the stand it seemed very sturdy.

The lid finish looked a little cheap and flimsy but again expected for the price. Still looks fine and sits perfect on top.
The internal filter came with 4 compartments with 2 spray bar system. This slide to move around exteral filters. Only one powerhead though so only 1 spray bar can be used. It also come with there own brand of filter media.
The powerhead is poor which i expected. it would definatly need 2 running as this on its own wouldnt cope.
It is silent though.

Once cleaned out i started to add the coral shavings and ocean rock and the airstone.

This did come with a heater but i used my previous one.

Strated to fill with water. And took a while lol but looked and held water well so i was happy. The glass is a good thickness and looks good quality considering the price.

The fish seemed a little stressed from the move but as expected they have started to settle in well.

Overall i would give this tank 4 out of 5
Simply the price attracted me to this set up. Its perfect for what i want nothing too complicated.

The service was good too from allpondsolutions they responded to all emails sent and quickly.

The only thing that lets it down is its own filter system in my opinion but for a basic and cheap set up its expected.

This is my first review so im sorry if its abit bleek and basic.
Pictures will follow.

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