Feeding different food.

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Feeding different food.

Postby courierman » Wed May 15, 2019 9:27 pm

First post,Hi to all
I have kept many different species of fish over the last 50 years.I started a Malawi peacock set-up 3 months ago.I have 9 males(all different)around 3 inches long,all were bought at the same time,and are in a 4ft Fluval Roma.
The reason i joined the forum today was to tell everyone about my experience of changing from NLS to Northfin cichlid 2mm pellet food.
Being just 3" long the fish are still developing their colour,and it is fascinating to watch them change,but i have been amazed at how much more they have coloured up just one week after changing to Northfin.They have gained more colour in the last week than the previous 3 months.Unbelievable.
Also,as an added bonus i estimate they are producing around 50% less waste.Obviously there is more goodness being absorbed by the fish.
I wish i had started using it before.
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